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Company Participates in Love Outreach of ‘Prevent Flood and Provide Disaster Relief to Go Tide over the Difficulties’
Click:1942 Release time:2013-07-24


      On the evening of July 23, the large-scale anti-flood and disaster-relief charity performance activity of 'Prevent Flood and Provide Disaster Relief to Go Tide over the Difficulties'held by the Propaganda Department of Municipal Party Committee, the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Culture and Broadcasting and TV Publication Bureau of Yan'an of Shaanxi Province jointly was held ceremoniously at the Municipal Culture and Art Center. The Company assigned representatives to participate in the activity and donated RMB 100,000 to the people afflicted by the natural disaster.

       The solemn music and impressive programs delivered the experience of the disaster to the leaders and groups in attendance, exciting everyone's fighting will and confidence to work together to overcome the disaster and rebuild home. Along with the performance, the representatives of our Company and other enterprise representatives, the loving people walked to the stage for donation so as to devote their strong love to the people affected by the natural disaster.

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