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Shaanxi Provincial State Taxation Bureau Came to Our Company for Research on Serving “Going Global” Enterprises
Click:542 Release time:2018-05-18

On the morning of May 18,Sun Qinghua,Chief Accountant of Shaanxi International Taxation Department,Li Yingnan,Deputy Director Yan Xumei and other provincial, municpal and district tax bureau leaders came to our company to conduct research and guidance on the tax work of going global enterprise.

Jing jiankun, General Manager of Yanan Shuangfeng Group, gave a brief introduction to our conmpanys main business, achievements and the implementation of the going global strategy,and pointed out the main risks and tax problems in the process of going global.

In view of the problems of our company,the Provincial State Tax Bureau gave a publicity on tax policy,presented related books,and provided tax service hotline for going global enterprise. They have provided tax consultation and guidance to our companys future overseas business,which is conducive to reducing risks,costs and improving competitiveness of the company.

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