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Yan’an Fifth “Shuangfeng Cup”College Students ”Creativity,Innovation and Entrepreneurship”Competition Had Its Brand Opening
Click:516 Release time:2017-10-15

On October 14,2017, the fifth shuangfeng cup college studentsCreativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Comprtition had its brand opening in Yanan university, it was named by our company, organized and undertaken by Yanan technology bureau and intellectual property office.

Yang Xingyun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee,Deputy Director of intellecyual property office of Shaanxi province,Liu Baolin,Secretary of Party Committee,Director of Yanan technology bureau,Su Xingren,Member of Party Committee,Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection,Liu jiancheng,Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Yanan vocational and technical college,Yang Liangcai, Director of Research Department of Yanan university, Jing Jiankun, General Manager of Yanan Shuangfeng Group,Ma xiaoxu,Director of Yanan interllectal property office and so on attended the opening ceremony.

Competition take the Pursue,Transcend,To be creativeas the theme,give fullplay to the independent innovation strength,implement the reply spirit of General Secretary,Xi Jinping to the red dream trip college students, personally practise the important instuctions of Yanan universitys 80 anniversary of General Secretary, Xi Jinping, encourage young students uphold the fine tradition,do not forget Yanan spirit, bravely on the road of innovation.

Through five years of effort,Yanan Shuangfeng cup  Creativity, Innovation and Enterpreneurship Competition has begun to take shape,included 814 entries,more than 4000 contestants, emerged a lot of excellent works both practical and innovative, involves industry, service industry, agriculture and other areas, such as A Gas Compensating Solar Heating Air Conditioning System, A Multi-finction Taxi Meter, etc. Competition organizing committee pay attention to the protection of intellectual property rights and achievements, encourage and help the team to apply for a patent,now apply for A New White Board, An Energy Saving And Emission Reduction System for Living Type Cave, Anti-Freeze Solar Water Heater and other 192 patents, 21 works realize the transformation of the achievements, has good economic and social benefits, such as Buthus Breeding and Popularizing of East Asia, High Slope Soil Nailing Wall Composite Biological Protection Technology, Feifan Vermicelli Production Technology Service Co,LTD. Business Planning.At the same time, focusing on targeted poverty alleviation,added JunCao proposition group, emerged Yanan JunCao Industry Cycle Comprehensive Development JunCao Cultivated Ganoderma Lucidum Technology Research and Application in the North of Shaanxiand other excellent works, vigorously promote the One County, One Policy, On Village, One Product poverty alleviation industrial development.

At this point,Yanan Shuangfeng group has been sponsored this competition for five years, bossting our Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation into the new period, creating a good innovation,enterpreneurial atmosphere. Yanan Shuangfeng group will continue to uphold the innovation development idea, and has committed to be a respected science and technology company.

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