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    Occupational health 

    Shuangfeng considers staff as the company's greatest resource and treasure. The healthy development shared by staff and the Company is the goal which is always pursued by Shuangfeng.

    We worked the occupational health goal of 'enabling the health level of the staff to be high in global companies in the same industry', passed the OHSAS1800 occupational health management system certification and realized the occupational health standardized management. The health of the staff is ensured through the rational labor time arrangement, complete labor protection equipment and complete field medical security. We organized physical examinations for the staff in the Company at a fixed period to discover the signs of occupational diseases in time to implement effective controls.


    Shuangfeng believes any accident can be avoided and that safety is the key guarantee for long-term development of the enterprise. We try ourselves to seek for no-injury and no-accident operations.

    We standardize staff production activity through systemic management so as to remove 'self-selected action' in the work with the goal of realizing standardized operation and avoid accidents caused by unsafe behavior of people. In addition, we strengthen field management controls, organizing checking positively and reform in time to avoid accidents caused by unsafe state of materials, management factors and environment factors. In order to avoid repeated occurrence of accidents, we have developed 'safe experience sharing' activities. By sharing relevant accident experiences within the same industries at home and abroad in various forms, we can prevent accidents in advance and improve the safety awareness of staff.

    We proactively receive requirements from government and relevant offices, fully communicate with relevant sides during operations, and help improve the security situation of the community where enterprise is located, trying our best to create a harmonious society.


  The environment protection pains for the moment and gains for the millennia. Shuangfeng considers that environment protection is one of the company's social responsibilities and clears out requirements on environment protection inside the Company through various systems so as to fuse environment protection concepts into the enterprise culture, combining environment protection with production services, and passing IS014001 system certification.

   By insisting that 'everybody is responsible for environmental protection', we make unremitting endeavors to set up environmental awareness in the hearts of staff and form a good atmosphere within the Company. We try our best to achieve clean production in our work, continuously supervising and checking, timely discovering problems, immediately implementing reforms, and striving to remove environment pollution accidents.

  By adhering to the goal of saving resources and energies, Shuangfeng proactively promotes the awareness of conservation to staff in daily work to avoid waste, and adopts advanced technology and careful management in the production process to realize the goals of saving energy and reducing consumption.

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